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Champorado or Filipino chocolate rice porridge is a traditional Filipino breakfast. Made with sticky rice and pure cacao tablets, it’s rich, creamy and very chocolatey; just the kind of boost we need in the morning!


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Bistek recipe

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Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi

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Lumpia recipe

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Honey Sriracha Beef with Brown Rice

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Chicken Afritada (Filipino Chicken in Tomato Sauce) - Salu Salo Recipes
This Chicken Afritada Recipe are slices of chicken cooked in tomato sauce along with onions and carrots. Try this awesome dish.
Chicken Afritada


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I got this recipe from my mother when I moved out of the house, because I wanted to make filipino food that she used to cook for us so that I can cook them for my family and keep passing down the recipes.  This is one of my favorites!  My family absolutely loves it. Its definitely worth all the work done to make this dish.


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a white plate topped with meat and veggies
Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi
Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi
1h 40m
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What is Manapua in Hawaii?
KAUKAU TIME!--"Kaukau" is a Hawaiian pidgin slang word meaning "food" or "to eat.": What is Manapua in Hawaii?
steamed and baked manapua bread in a wooden bowl
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there is a pile of bananas with the word manapua in front of it
How to Make Homemade Manapua - Updated | Manapua is one of Hawaii's local favorite dish. Bite into the soft bread to discover the delicious and flavorful middle. You'll learn how to make this... | By Ono Hawaiian Recipes | Aloha It's Tony here and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a better version of the mono. You can pretty much buy this at any Hawaii gas stop like minute stop or 711 it was brought to Hawaii during the plantation era. Thanks to the Chinese. I've tried and tested multiple times different versions of the mono and finally found the perfect recipe. Watch and follow along to discover new tips to help you make the best ever you'll need the. And time to prep everything first, let's start with the filling in a bowl. Add in sugar show you oyster sauce. Five spice So, Liquor Crushed garlic And red food coloring. You. Makes it well. In a ziploc bag add in the sauce. Then add in the pork butt. Seal and try to empty out any air. Make sure the sauce covers all of the meat. Place the ziploc bag on a plate and let it marinate in the fridge overnight when the meat has finished marinating empty the ziploc bag into a crock pot. Cover it and set it on high and let it cook for 6 hours when it is done cooking, remove the meat from the crock pot and shred it up with two forks. Discard the bone. Add in some of the leftover meats juices to the shredded meat and mix it well. Set the meat aside to cool down. In the meantime, we'll begin making the dough in a bowl with the flour make a small well in the middle. At yeast Baking powder and sugar to the well, then add in some of the water to the well. don't let it overflow. Mix it well and slowly break down the wall of flour keep mixing until it begins to thicken, then add more of the water and repeat the same process until all of the water is gone. When the dough looks shaggy and the flower is no longer sticking to the bowl dump it onto the counter to begin the needing process clean off the flour from your fingers and add it to the dough. If it becomes too sticky, then sprinkle sunflower onto the counter and the dough the key to get a nice fluffy dough is to constantly need the dough for about 10 minutes by needing it will make it more elastic and softer, which makes it easier to manipulate the dough when you are finished roll it out into a long. Then cut from it two inches per piece. Cover the pieces with the towel to prevent it from drying out with one piece roll it out into a circle with the rolling pin using a rolling pin will keep the dough smooth. Hold the dough in your hand and scoop in a generous amount of the filling. Pinch together one side first, then slowly rotate it while pinching together the dough to seal it off at the top next try to smooth it out repeat the same process until all of the dough has been filled with the chart. So at this point you could freeze the field if you want to save it for future use. Let it rest for about 15 minutes. In a Steamer line it with wax paper and add the to it. try to keep some space among the since it works, then when it is cooking and it will stick to each other if it makes contact. If you don't have a bamboo Steamer cover the top with the towel, so it absorbs the water and doesn't drip on the man. Place the Steamer basket over boiling water and let it cook for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, remove the man from the Steamer serve it hot and enjoy this. If you enjoy this recipe, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notification. so you don't miss any upcoming recipes Mahalo.
an image of steamed manupa with homemade chai su filing and flower on the side
Hawaii Manapua Recipe | Hawaii’s popular Steamed Manapua | Homemade Char Siu Filling | Shoyu Mustard
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some food that is sitting on top of a table with the words manapua
Hawaii’s Best Manapua Recipe
1h 8m
a pan filled with rice and vegetables on top of a wooden table next to other plates
Filipino Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)
some food that is on top of a plate and in front of the words 25 traditional filipino recipes perfect for your next potluck
25 Authentic Filipino Recipes for All Occasions [Filipino Food for Beginners]
fried chicken on a plate with the words flipping crispy fried chicken
Filipino Crispy Fried Chicken - Seaside Recipes - Authentic Filipino Dish
1h 0m
How To Make Authentic Filipino Pancit
a white plate topped with beef and onions next to onion rings on top of a table
Bistek Tagalog (Filipino Pan-Seared Steak and Onions) Recipe
someone dipping some food into a bowl
Sukang Sawsawan: Filipino Vinegar Dipping Sauce