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the back of a man's head in front of a poster for monster hunter
Obraz z tagiem naoki urasawa's monster, johan liebert, nina fortner – @arayashikiii na Tumblrze
an anime character is looking at the camera and texting on his cell phone that says, you have 0 personality all u do is send pictures of john
#juan #johanliebert #monster #anime #meme
spider - man is sitting on the edge of a building and looking at his face
tak to się żyje na tej wsi kochani
a can of coca - cola sitting next to a laptop
my poosi tastes like pepsi cola 😻😻😻
monster anime, monster anime aesthetic, lana del rey aesthetic, cherry cola aesthetic, tenma dilf,
two people standing in front of a building with the caption, two best characters
I love them anannznabNBabzbba
umm… can you please stop looking at me with those eyes
two men are standing next to each other with the words their duo in front of them
One of my fav after Grimmer and Tenma
an image of some people with different expressions on their faces and the words, this is my taste in men
Kenzo Tenma ♡ Appreciation Post | Monster Anime
an anime character with the caption honesty one of my favorite episodes
When she started laughing >>>>> life
an anime character with blonde hair and the words ngj johan is a pretty name
It is pronounced Yohan smhow
someone tell this mf that tema is innocent and he doesn't know what to do
I haven't finished Monster sooo
Wake up Johan Liebert
an anime scene with two men and one is saying, this guy is the prime example of that you don't have to become monster hunter in order to defend one
Dr Tenma Appreciation post