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a cat that is sitting in the palm of someone's hand with it's eyes wide open
a girl with ear piercings looking out the window at her bike in the distance
a person is painting flowers on a piece of paper with a paintbrush next to it
Portfolio — Julie Marriott
a hand is holding up a painted plate with water lilies on it and leaves floating in the water
#mano 💞💖💞
three paintings of water lilies and lily pads in bright colors, one is pink
a card with flowers in a blue vase
Happy Mother’s Day
I had a busy Mother’s Day with some of my family. It’s so nice to spend time with family! I had time to color up a card using my Copics and choose this digital image from Poppy Power, …
a card with flowers in a vase on top of a lace doily, which reads happy birthday to you
Birthday Tulips for a Friend!
Birthday Tulips for a Friend!