Knit Stitch Patterns - Vintage

Enjoy browsing my collection of Vintage Knit Stitch Patterns for your next project. All patterns include detailed instructions with video tutorials to help you…
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two rows of knitting stitchs with the words basket weave cable
Diagonal Basket Weave Cable Stitch Knitting Pattern
Learn how to knit this beautiful Diagonal Basket Weave Cable Stitch. This texture is woven and braided with just two basic cable stitches. This is not a reversible pattern. As you can see pictured below, the right (front) side of the work displays the design however the wrong (back) side does not. It’s easy to memorize and creates an impressive texture. Get your written pattern instructions both flat and in the round, along with a helpful video tutorial.
the sea foam wave crochet pattern is shown in blue and white
How to Knit the Sea Foam Wave Drop Knit Stitch Pattern
Learn the Sea Foam Wave Drop Stitch Knit Pattern for a rippled, light-weight texture. Create this beautiful ocean-inspired pattern simply by varying the number of yarn overs to create this beautifully undulating wave design.Both flat and in-the-round knitting instructions, along with a knitting chart, are available to help you knit this up today!
a knitted basket sitting on top of a pink surface next to a knitting needle
Horizontal Herringbone Stitch Knitting Pattern in the Round
The Horizontal Herringbone Stitch knitting pattern is a woven texture that resembles fish scales. It is a very tight weave making it strong and sturdy. Knitting the Herringbone Stitch in the round requires an adjustment to the second round of the pattern. To create a seamless texture, there is a recommended tip on how to finish the round at your stitch marker. Get your written pattern instructions that I’ve created for you both flat and in the round, along with my helpful video tutorial.
two rows of pink crocheted fabric with the words wrong side and right side
Reverse Ridge Stitch Knitting Pattern for Beginners
Right and Wrong sides of the Reverse Ridge Stitch Knitting Pattern is a unique horizontal ribbed design. Also called Horizontal Welts, this is fun stitch is a unique choice. Unlike most vertical rib stitches, this accordion stretch is horizontal. As you can see, it is also reversible.
a close up of a crocheted blanket with the text, stamen stitch knitting pattern
Stamen Stitch Knitting Pattern
The Stamen Stitch knitting pattern creates a textured design with simple knits and slip stitches. The alternating rows with horizontal slips create a dimensional piece for extra coziness. See how this easy 4-row repeat is knit with one or several colors, both flat and in-the-round.
Knit Stitch Patterns for Beginning Knitters
My favorite collection of Knit Stitch Patterns for Beginning Knitters with Written Instructions and Charts. Beginning knitters can create a wide variety of textures and designs with just these two basic knitting stitches. The following designs are all easy level knitting patterns.
a pink knitted blanket with the words diamond brocade in white lettering on it
How to Knit the Diamond Brocade Knit Stitch Pattern
Garter Drop Stitch knitting texture in white yarn color on a wooden needle. Drop Knitting Patterns, Open Knit Stitch, Garter Pattern, Easy Knits, Lightweight Sweaters, Crochet Blanket Designs, Beautiful Scarf
Drop Stitch Garter Pattern
The Drop Stitch Garter Pattern creates a beautiful scarf and you can get really creative with other fashions like lightweight sweaters and even dresses. A series of easy knits and purls, along with yarn overs create the open weave pattern. Dropping a stitch is usually considered bad, or something to avoid, in the wonderful world of knitting, but we’re doing it purposefully to achieve this beautiful knit stitch pattern.
the knitting pattern is shown with text that reads,'crochet diagonals easy knit
Cut Diagonals Stitch Knitting Pattern
Cut Diagonals Stitch Knitting Pattern creates a sideways zigzag chevron texture using knits and purls in a 12-Row Repeat. #StudioKnit #knittingpattern #knitstitchpattern
Seed stitch knitting texture in white yarn color. Couture, Different Knitting Stitches, Seed Stitch Knitting, Knit Videos, Diy Knitting Projects, Knitted Stitches, Yarn Ideas
Easiest Seed Stitch Knitting Pattern for Beginners
This vintage Seed Stitch Pattern gets its name from the raised bumps from your purl stitches that resemble seeds. This simple pattern shows you the easiest way to knit it up without keeping track of the right and wrong sides of your work. Get your free written pattern instructions with video tutorials by Studio Knit.
Right and wrong sides of the Bamboo Stitch in green colored yarn on knitting needle. Star Stitch Blanket, Blanket Stitch Tutorial, Crotchet Stitches, Knitted Dishcloth Patterns Free, Dishcloth Patterns Free, C2c Crochet Blanket, Right And Wrong
Bamboo Stitch Knitting Pattern
This beautiful Bamboo Stitch Knitting Pattern is a personal favorite. With a simple 2-Row Repeat, we create these really pretty rows that look like stalks of bamboo. This is not a reversible pattern, as you can see below that the right and wrong sides are not identical. This stitch is easy to memorize and requires basic knitting stitches, along with a few yarn overs.
Right and wrong sides of the Bubble Stitch in pink, orange, and white colored yarn on knitting needle. Bubble Stitch Knitting, 3d Bubbles, Bubble Stitch, Colorwork Knitting, Knitting Needles Sizes, Bobble Stitch
Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern
This Bubble Stitch Pattern texture is three dimensional is totally addictive to knit up! Colorwork knitting is especially gorgeous. Knit up in just one color, two yarn colors, or as many as you’d like. This is not a reversible pattern, because the pattern is visible only on the right side of your work. Get free printable pattern with chart and video tutorial.
Hurdle stitch texture knitted with blue colored yarn on wooden needle by Studio Knit. Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns, Knit Purl Stitches, Crochet Stitches Chart, Knit Purl
Hurdle Stitch Knitting Pattern for Beginners
The Hurdle Stitch is a reversible pattern, meaning that both sides of your work, the Right and Wrong sides, are identical. It resembles the hurdles jumped in track class or horses. This rib pattern knits up with a thick texture, lies perfectly flat, and is a reversible pattern in a simple combination of knits and purls.
Bubble Stitch knitted texture in pink, orange, and white colored yarn on knitting needle. Crochet Lapghan, Crochet Baby Blanket Beginner
Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern
Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern is three dimensional with simple repeat of 12 rows. Other names given for this knit stitch pattern are the Bubble Wrap Stitch, Air Bobble Stitch, 3D Bubbles Stitch, Dimple Stitch, and Chickadee Bubble Stitch. Get knitting techniques, written pattern instructions, and video tutorial to knit both flat on straight needles and in the round on circular needles
Close-up of the Basket Weave Stitch texture in beige colored yarn on knitting needle by Studio Knit. Diy Yarn Dolls, Basket Weave Stitch, Crocheted Basket, Baby Hat Free Pattern, Simple Knitting, Yarn Dolls, Rope Crafts Diy
Basketweave Knit Stitch Pattern
The vintage Basketweave Stitch Pattern gives a complex illusion of a woven knit, but it only requires the beginner techniques of knit and purl. This texture is a popular choice stitch for visually stunning scarves, hats, and blankets.