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Those eyes. Those are the kind of eyes that can just see right through you. He can undress you with those eyes. He can display every emotion under the sun through those eyes. Those damn eyes.


Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build! the Builder is the animated adventures of Bob and his machines. Working together to overcome various challenges they get the job done.

Justin Bieber offers to collaborate with One Direction -- and snaps at 'disrespectful' fans at the airport. Oh JUSTIN!

Alex Pettyfer - whoever marries this man is the luckiest women alive.Sorry peoples but he is mine! *attempts to strut away and ends up falling*

Ian Somerhalder is riding an elephant. It's a beautiful picture, and besides that, it's great that he (and his Ian Somerhalder Foundation) are working hard to remain all nature we have (and create more!