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Libethenite, Ľubietová - Slovakia

Libethenite, Ľubietová - Slovakia

Solstice Gathering DRAGON YULE Card by Anne Stokes - Maiden and DRAGON Holiday Card

- Yuletide Greetings Solstice Gathering Dragon - Mistletoe Maiden and Dragon Solstice Greeting Card. - Reads Yuletide Greetings in six languages! - Each card measures approximately 6 x 4

What Dreams Become ~Twilight Stars  Sorcery by Mirella Santana

"I don't believe it's possible to master our craft, / Part of the wonder of it, is the infinite knowledge / available for us to practice and explore." / - Jasmeine Moonsong / original artwork by: Mirella Santana

The Wearing Of The Green

A walk through the forest can be a private time for many, a chance to clear the mind, refresh the soul with the wonderment of the surrounding green foliage and life! Living, growing beauty all around!