Eric Ravilious

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a painting of a yellow hat on top of a train car in the snow,
a painting of an ocean scene with boats and people in the water, some flying kites
Eric Ravilious, Official War Artist
an airplane flying in the sky over land
Modern, English and Strange | Jenny Uglow
an airplane is flying over the water with two men standing on it's side
Widower discovers wife's Ravilious masterpiece 'print' worth £312,000
an old drawing of a boat in the water
Eric Ravilious, A Warship in Dock, 1940
a group of men standing on top of a beach next to the ocean holding wooden poles
Modern, English and Strange | Jenny Uglow
an airplane is flying in the sky over a field
Ravilious at Dulwich: dot and speck and dash and dab
an image of people standing on the train tracks with planes in the sky behind them
a drawing of three men standing on a platform with a ladder in front of them
Diver (from the 'Submarines' series)
an image of a man looking through a telescope at ships in the water and on land
Rare Ravilious submarines surface at Sworders
a painting of a bedroom with a bed and chair
Eric Ravilious, The Operations Room, 1941
a drawing of people in the woods with trees and bushes behind them, one person is walking is for sale
Idbury Prints: An online gallery of original fine art prints
two people sitting at a picnic table under a tree
Tirzah Garwood - Wikipedia
Two Women in a Garden: Garwood (right) and Charlotte Bawden, by Eric Ravilious.
black and white photograph of a man sitting at a desk
Eric Ravilious the Romantic Modernist at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol
a photo of a man in a waistcoat sat at a desk