HI! My name is Suzanne, but I commonly go by Sue. I live in Slovakia. I love green tea and good music. I'm a realist and bookworm.
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Andy biersack not Andy sixx

Andy biersack not Andy six. although he doesn't mind it, he just prefers Andy Biersack.

she looks amazing, pair of thigh highs with my docs and a little shopping trip to fairies in pyjamas BAM i have this outfit already

love this skull shirt!

Skull shirt, cut sides outta the shirt til there's just a thin piece of fabric left. Cut it at the top and put chunky beads or skulls on the thin piece and tie it back together in a large knot. <-- I'll do it with wooden beads instead of skulls


Scandal in Disneyland just kidding this was a joke they do in stock photos where goofy finally get a date with somebody but no she's not cheating they told us Mickey and Minnie thought he want company to some sort of convention he was going to