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The Most Beautiful Words In English

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English by Robert Beard -- for when I write my memoir.

uberHumor.com: Probably the funniest site on the net...

I'd rather discuss any of these than the best small talk topic, or celebrity gossip, or gossip in general

Lincoln Vs Kennedy: Coincidences I Think Not- Always thought this was interesting in high school. One of very few history items I can seem to remember.

Funny coincidence history about John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But Lyndon B. Johnson was president upon Kennedy's assassination, not Andrew Johnson.history repeats itself in a weird way.

Cartoon puns

Corny, but funny puns

Cute puns

When you take English words and idioms too literally (Illustrations By Keren Rosen) My favorite is the Pilipinos!

Rebel's Manifesto. I just realized I have been doing most of this all my life, and constantly being told not to do so.

The Rebel Manifesto —Keri Smith

In case you didn't know...

Amazing, Rare and interesting pictures

Simple yet brutal social criticism of our secluding aesthetic values that leave outside 4.5 billion women in the world

Funny Signs / Sign Art / Skinny Girl Quote / Typography / Urban Black and White Photography / Graffiti

the moon only glows when kissed by the sun.

Take a hike✨

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