Indoor rabbit

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8 things that upsets your bunny!

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5 Homemade Rabbit Treats To Make For Your Bunny

Rabbits love treats. The problem is that a lot of the treats sold for rabbits in pet stores are not very good for them. There’s…

Gallery of recommended rabbit housing | Rabbit hutch photos | Pictures of alternative living areas for bunnies

Gallery of rabbit homes. Hutches, sheds, child's playhouse. The Animal Welfare Act states the minimum is a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch if living outdoors with an additional secure area measuring at least 8ft x 4ft x 4ft to exercise. A large bedroom space is essential to lock your bunnies in at night to keep them safe from predators, so a shed with attached run is ideal.

15 Common Mistakes Rabbit Owners Make That You Should Avoid

We all make mistakes when it comes to caring for our pet rabbits. Sometimes we don’t do enough research before we bring one home, and…

Safe Herbs for Rabbits and Their Medicinal Properties

Herbs are a healthy way to bring variety and balance into your rabbits diet. They give your rabbit lots of new flavors to check out…

Pets Free Classifieds Online Pets Auctions

Pets Classified Adverts in the UK. , Here you can buy or sell your pets free of charge in the UK

Bunny Binkies: What is that Weird Twist and Jump?

So you recently brought a new pet rabbit home, and you noticed they started doing these weird twisty jumps all over the living room. If…

5 Steps to Calm Down an Fearful Rabbit

Rabbits are just little animals in a big world. There is a lot to be afraid of for these prey animals. That means that rabbits…