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PenBox: A Penetration Testing Framework

PenBox: A Penetration Testing Framework

Pokhara is Nepal's most breathtaking city. Surrounded by the Himalayas and the lake Phewa, here are the top things to do.

Pokhara is a stunning place, filled with nature, great sites and an important hub for mountain climbers. Here are the top Things to do in Pokhara

NEPAL ... Mt.Everest is 29,029 feet tall and still growing ! The height will vary from source to source.Sir Edmund Hillary,a Bee Keeper from New Zealand was the 1st man to set foot on the summit ( before Tenzing Norgay his climbing partner ) on May 29th 1953.Kathmandu means  Wooden House and is @ 4,600 feet

Nepal, the fabled land of Buddha, Hindu temples, and unrivaled mountain scenery is a landlocked country positioned on the Indian subcontinent of South Asia.

10 super swimming sets for triathletes - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

10 super swimming sets for triathletes, based on the TRP concept. Get more triathlon swimming tips at Triathlon & Multisport magazine Australia