Butterfly and Bee friendly Garden

Chose the best plants and accessories for your flutter garden and how-to's to make your best bee and butterfly garden, gardening for sustainability and cleaner…
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3D Printed Habitat For Frogs, OMG Clever!
Follow; https://www.tiktok.com/@unknowndazza?lang=enu , I really didn’t expect this project to go on for so long, it’s now been just over 5 months! Anyway, not sure we ended up learning anything, but we did get a fun shot of a Frod in a mushroom, frod, frodrick, frog, 3D printed frog house, 3D printed frog neighborhood, frog friendly, nature friendly, reptile and amphibian habitat, amphibian habitat accessories,
Bee Cups For Our Pollinators!
Help your pollinator friends by planting flowers and using Bee Cups , Credit to; https://www.tiktok.com/@beecupsforpollinators?lang=enu , bee cups, gardens, environment, pollinators, garden pollinators, pollinator garden, home and garden, feed the bees, bird friendly, bee friendly, butterfly freindly, eco friendly
Bee Cups Help Pollinators, Not Mosquitoes!
Bee Cups help pollinators, not mosquitoes! Credit to; https://www.tiktok.com/@beecupsforpollinators?lang=enu , beecups, pollinators, save the bees, save the world, pollinator garden, butterfly garden, bee friendly garden, home and garden, garden ideas,
Befriend A Crow!
How-to befriend a crow, Crow friends, Credit to; https://www.tiktok.com/@loveofvie?lang=enu , crow friends, making bird friends, friends of birds, bird friendly, how to befriend crows, how-to, crazy bird lady, wildlife, feeding the crows, wild life, feeding crows, bird friendly, attracting crows, attract crows to your backyard. wild bird sanctuary,
This Is What Happens When You Don't Mow Every Square Inch Of Your Property!
I’d rather have aggressive natives than non-native invasives! Also these aggressive natives can play an important role in restoring areas with alot of invasives. Thanks again Kyle @ https://www.tiktok.com/@nativeplanttok?lang=enu, native habitat project, plant native, conservation, grasslands, biodiversity, native plants, black eyed susan.
This Is What Conservation Looks Like And I Promise You Won't Find Anything More Fulfilling!
This is what conservation looks like and I promise you won’t find anything more fulfilling! Thank you Kyle @ https://www.tiktok.com/@nativeplanttok?lang=enu , native habitat project, No Mow May, conservation, plant native, native plants, Duluth Trading Co, no mow march 2024 crazy weather, save the birds, birds and bees conservation, save the bees, native planting
DIY Super Easy Solar Water Fountain How-To!
Thanks Becky @ https://www.tiktok.com/@becksveggiepatch?lang=enu , Make Your Own Solar Water Fountain! This solar powered Water Fountain took just 30 minutes to make and cost £50. Water Fountain - £20 @amazon Large Dish - £15 @tescofood Plant Pot - £10 @hilliergardencentres Gravel/stones - £5 @wickes, diy water fountain, solar water fountain, garden water feature, garden fountain how-to, water feature idea,
For The Magical Fairy Garden Of Your Dreams, Plant Creeping Thyme For Ground Cover
For the magical fairy garden of your dreams plant creeping thyme. The perfect ground cover for the cottage in the woods feeling in your yard and garden and you can eat it. Homestead idea and easy gardening project for pollinators.
Garden Planning Course!
What if you could walk into this upcoming gardening season without any hesitation or doubt that you're doing the right things? My How to Plan a Garden: Step-By-Step course contains everything you need to feel prepared and ready for success! We'll break down each step together so it feels like a breeze. To my knowledge, there's absolutely nothing out there like what I've created.
two notebooks with writing on them, one is filled with notes and the other has butterflies
Blooming Pages: 10+ Gardening Bullet Journal Ideas
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two bees are sitting on a yellow flower
How to Make a Terrarium