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a drawing of a pineapple is shown in black and white, with sharp markers
I Am Obsessed With Drawing Super Detailed Art
Oops I think I have an obsession with detail. I have always loved doodling, ask any of my teachers or class-mates and you would have found me drawing on my homework diary or scribbling on the sides of worksheets. Over the years, I have challenged myself to add more detail, be more creative and turn ordinary things into little works of art.
three markers are next to a drawing of a crescent moon with mountains and trees on it
Thanks for watching me draw and the questions. Let's do it again soon. Here's a photo of the finished piece. #art #illustration #moon #mountains
two black and white paintings sitting on top of a wooden floor
Geometric Fox Art - Dwell Beautiful
Dwell Beautiful utilizes her new Silhouette Cameo and makes some awesome geometric fox art for her bedroom!
a drawing of an octopus with bubbles in the water and eyes on it's face
Cute Drawings Tumblr
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a pencil drawing of a woman's lips with pink liquid dripping from the lip
Easy Lips Drawing Tumblr Image Gallery - Photonesta