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Svetlana Burdova

Svetlana Burdova
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Links to wallpaper options with maps Love monochrome interiors? This stunning black and white bedroom is brought together with a larger than life map mural. Bursting with detail and character, this wallpaper mural is both breathtaking and sophisticated.

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Transform your walls into beautiful masterpieces with watercolor wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper. The creative people of Murals Wallpaper have released a beautiful assortment of watercolor wallpapers

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Spectacular Wall Murals For Your Bedroom That Feature Nature - Page 2 of 2

Whats more magical than this space wallpaper mural? This mesmerising view of the moon and countless stars transport your bedroom to dreamy heights. Pair with monochrome bedding for a sophisticated space themed bedroom.

Glow in the Dark Star Murals Turn Your Room Into Cosmic Masterpieces -  #art #decor #glow #space

Included in this package: - 1 moon decal - 1 comet decal - 3 shooting star decals - star stickers Full glow in the dark star ceiling.