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three decorated cookies in the shape of hearts with names and date written on each cookie
Mézeskalács köszönetajándék esküvőre
a red heart with white lace on it that says eva's adam 2011 will 22
Mézeskalács szívek nászajándékba
a table topped with lots of cookies covered in white frosting and decorated like hearts
an intricately decorated wreath on top of a wooden table
a person is holding two decorated doughnuts with flowers on them
three decorated cookies sitting on top of a doily covered table next to each other
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decorated cookies in the shape of letters and flowers are sitting in a box with pink ribbon
a decorated heart shaped cake in a box
Flowers for wedding :)
Flowers for wedding :)
a heart shaped cake with two doves on it and the words love is in the middle
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