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This is why Luke is a better character than Anakin, even though everyone is always saying he is just like his father. He is like his father, but he also inherited some important traits from his mother, which balanced him out. The same goes for Leia.

Just one thing: Luke and Leia were not meant to mirror Padme and Anakin, Padme and Anakin are meant to mirror Luke and Leia.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Poem- heart breaking. such a wonderful book though

Osoanon Nimuss-Absolutely Nothing featured in Perks of being a Wallflower. Everyone should read this it shows how many things change, not just things but people also. Such an amazing poem.

I will never stop pinning this

Ashton´s got that kinda Special smile i love so much on a guy, it´s rare though, that´s why it´s so Special to me. His laugh does things to my heart

Having a bad day? Watch this gif. Having a good day. Watch this gif.

I guarantee this gif will make your day better. Having a bad day? Watch this gif. Watch this gif. >>> I was expecting it to be like really hot and then Calum appears and it made me smile