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Around the “live edges” of the slab, Stacklab had to apply an epoxy to square off the corners of the bar.: Bar Slab Edge, Applying Epoxy, Diy Woods Tables Resins, Epoxy Corner, Woods Furniture Ideas, Living Edge, Living Natural, Design Furniture, Woodworking Ideas Furniture

Love this idea: using epoxy to "square off" the edges of a natural slab of wood, "highlighting the live nature of the wood while preserving modern lines (and easing maintenance).

Broken is Beautiful: The Japanese Tradition That Makes Broken Things Even Better than Brand New

Broken is Beautiful: In this example from 1508 London, gold fills a crack in a concrete slab, turning what could be thought of as an imperfection into a beautiful and arresting landscape in miniature.


If our concrete floor cracks, we're doing this to it! It's concrete with liquid gold to fill the cracks! (What the crap who thinks "hmmmm concrete cracked. I'll fill it in with gold!" What even kinda Scrooge mcduck lunatic is this?

| P | Corian Cube Kitchen by Miyo Design

Detail of the Cube Kitchen by Miyo Design. The island is made from a single material (corian) and looks quite aa