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Sexy, Secluded, Seascape Retreat in New Zealand | www.ifitshipitshe…

cool Sexy, Secluded, Seascape Retreat in New Zealand - if it's hip, it's here by. - Home Decors

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A sliding wood door defines this modern bathroom, while hidden lighting has been used in the floor, creating a soft glow and lighting up the mostly dark room. The white tiles help to reflect the light throughout the space.

Saw this done in a house in TX....beautiful....Crown moulding guide... you need BIG crown moulding

Master Bedroom Door Trim Detail with led lights tucked inside. forget door trim, crown molding with row lighting! :) or maybe detail inside tray ceilings?

Verdigris bronze doorknob whimsy

Antique door knob and lock. There's an Alice in Wonderland feel to this knob and lock. As if using the wrong key would result in the face scolding you!

This design is influenced by the baroque era. Although the colour scheme may not be completely correct, the elaborate damask furnishings are amazing. This image is inspiring becauss although it is completely one shade of white, it still loos beautiful because of all the intricate detailing.

Second empire, rococo revival, molding style on top of the door ways and on the cielings and in the conners of the de casas design design office bedrooms ideas