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Meteor Class Dropship - First Cylon War by Kelso323 on DeviantArt

Out of atmosphere, Space drive(in air idea base)

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Heavier than air, unknown lift

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Heavier than air, rotary and thrust lift

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Heavier than air, fixed wing lift

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ArtStation - Zeliz Airship

Lighter than air, natural lift

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a drawing of a sail boat floating on top of a body of water
SXB-334 in flight - digital art by TheXHS on DeviantArt
SXB-334 in flight - digital art by TheXHS on DeviantArt
an image of some type of spaceship in black and white ink with various details on it
Zeliz Airship, Paolina Sie
ArtStation - Zeliz Airship
four different views of the same object in various positions, including one with wheels and two without
Spaceships design, Arnaud Kleindienst
a drawing of a large boat in the water
Freight Dirigible redux by 28crucis on DeviantArt
Dieselpunk, Steam Punk, Steampunk Ship, Monsters, Battleship
Monsters in the Sky
a drawing of a steam ship floating in the air
an image of a diagram of a space ship that looks like it is in the future
the interior of a ship with lots of wood and metal equipment on it's deck
an open book with drawings and pictures of aircrafts in the pages, including one large jet
an image of a submarine in the air
First panel - AES Fairy (colored) by PCFayard on DeviantArt
Futuristic Art, Dieselpunk Art, Battle City