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want a pondless rock water feature with solar powered pump and spotlights

One of the most fun trends to hit the landscaping industry lately is the “disappearing” or “pondless” water feature. Water cascades from i.

Glass Trestle table supports

Create a subtle industrial feeling with steel furniture, like this trestle table with steel supports by Pedersen + Lennard. Courtesy of: Henk Hattingh: Pedersen Lennard Tables, Steel Support, Trestl.

Pedro Ramirez Vazquez; Metal Coffee Table, c1960.

Die-Cut and Stamped Sheet Metal made this design and it's clean lines possible (Today this could be done with a water jet, wire EDM, or lasercamm as well) Rare coffee table by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez;

Realistic Pumpkin Faces For Helloween

There is an email circulating full of these photos from the artist Ray Villafane, and we thought that we should share! Have you carved your pumpkin yet? To see more work from Ray Villafane check out Villafane Studios.