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Learn Japanese words, phrases, and calligraphy. Plus, great pins about language, culture, and all things Japanese!


The Ultimate Guide to Major Japanese Dialects

There are many unique Japanese dialects aside from standard Japanese. In this blog, find out key differences in each major dialect and where they're spoken.

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The Secret Method for Learning Any Language: Rhythm

Learning a new language takes plenty of patience and tons of practice. Use this secret method to learn any language you want in an easy, quick, and fun way!

How to Say I Love You Around the World

How to Say "I Love You" in Different Languages

Want to tell someone special how you feel? Learn how to say I love you in eight different languages!

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Learn a Foreign Language: How Much Does it Really Cost?

Just how much time and money do you need to learn a foreign language? Find out here!

What's the Best Way to Learn a New Language? Find out the Truth!

The Best Way to Learn a New Language

What's the best way to learn a new language? We've weighed the pros and cons of the most popular methods to help you answer this important question.

15 Fun-to-Say Japanese Onomatopoeias (With Audio)

Made popular by anime and manga, these Japanese onomatopoeias are as informative as they are fun to pronounce. Follow along with our audio and try yourself!

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12 Japanese Holidays and Celebrations

Mark your calendar, you will want to remember these Japanese holidays!

Get in the Spirit: Celebrate Halloween in Japan

Want a taste of what it's like on Halloween in Japan? See how the Japanese people have put their own twist on this American holiday.

Your Ultimate Guide to Japanese Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts TrainingMartial Arts WorkoutBoxing Workout

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Martial Arts

Want to learn more about Japanese martial arts? From ancient fighting styles to modern practices, here's a look at the most popular fighting styles.

Bet You Didn't Know: 45 Fun Facts About Japan

45 Fun Facts About Japan

Want to learn something about Japan? You've come to the right place. Here are 45 fun facts about Japan.

Japanese Etiquette: How to Be a Polite House Guest

Planning to visit a Japanese family or sit down for a Japanese meal? Learn basic Japanese etiquette to be a polite, gracious guest.

QUIZ: Which Japanese Animal Are You?

This fun quiz will help you learn to say the names of common animals in Japanese.

Japanese Vocabulary: 10 Animals in Japanese

There are certain animals that serve an important role in Japanese culture. Here, learn the to say the names of these animals in Japanese.

Boost Your Japanese Speaking Skills

Want to improve your Japanese speaking skills? Try these strategies in-between lessons to boost your conversational Japanese.

Learn Japanese Grammar: How to Use Japanese Adjectives

If you want to add some detail and color to your sentences, you need to learn to use Japanese adjectives. Here is a guide for beginners.

5 Japanese Wedding Traditions: Weddings Around the World

Japan observes ancient rituals as a celebration, and wedding ceremonies are one of these. Here are 5 beautiful Japanese wedding traditions.