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various fruits are arranged on a white surface, including grapefruits and oranges
From Tangelo to Yuzu, 8 Rare and Delicious Citrus to Try Now
From Tangelo to Yuzu, 8 Rare and Delicious Citrus to Try Now | Bon Appetit
several different types of mushrooms on a white surface
Japanese recipe: marinated mushrooms
a paintbrush with pink and white colors on it sitting on top of a wooden surface
How to make your food yum! Love the creative styling! Ian Blasshofer on flickr.
a bowl filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a knife
Flying Food Recipes
Flying Food Recipes
a white plate topped with green vegetables on top of a linen covered table cloth,
NOMA chef's writings reveal the daily struggle in holding on to greatness...
René Redzepi — A Work in Progress
a white plate topped with a piece of fruit and a bowl of chili next to it
Salt-Baked Pears Recipe
NYT Cooking: The salt crust encasing these pears — a method most often used with whole fish and some poultry — does what salt always does: It amplifies. In this instance, the sweet, juicy peary-ness of the pear. Ideally, these should be slipped into the oven after pulling out another dish in order to minimize time in the kitchen. As a dinner party dessert, it’s a perfect punctu...
the process for making apple pies is shown in three different stages, including baking
41 Totally Creative Desserts You Need To Make Now
Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree
a blue plate filled with ribs on top of a wooden table
Campfire Cooking - David Griffen
two pieces of raw meat sitting on top of a table
Page not found - David Griffen
several small toy dinosaurs standing next to each other on a white carpeted floor in front of a mirror
Food Photographer
Working regularly with amazing chefs, award winning producers and high caliber manufacturers has given David extensive experience in producing exquisite images.
a plate with some food on it and flowers in the middle, as seen on instagram
A Taste of the West Country - David Griffen
a person pouring sugar over a cake on top of a white plate in front of a black background
The Drama of Food Photography with David Griffen
a white plate topped with different types of fruits and veggies on top of it
Saffron panna cotta with apricot purée, pistachio praline, meringues, berries