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Cool cubes zip-tied together for storage!

The Finished Product!

View Above my Waterford Computers. SChedule and Class Rules View of my Desk. The Letters are hard to read. The bulletin board by my desk has calendar, menu, news, snack calendar anew ill have pictures of my husband and I up. My polka dot desk! Better than a name plate! The fabric bulletin board it is actually turquoise! The blocks center! So bright and colorful! Fabric Make shift board. Center rotations. Need to add their picture! The writing center! Journal/Calendar Board Jobs Chart and…

Classroom seating arrangement ideas-I'm in Heaven!

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Need ideas for seating arrangements in your classroom? On this page, you’ll find tips on arranging student desks in four different formations, complete with photos from My Classroom Tours. You can click on most of the pictures to view the complete tour for that particular room. Whether you’re looking for a classroom seating chart, seating map, …

tons of classroom setup pictures and organization ideas

Room Setup

( Queen of the First Grade Jungle: 1st Love the black and teal color. She's got a lot of cute ideas in here! Take a Peek Take Another Peek And Another

i love everything about this lady's classroom set up!

Classroom Reveal and a Freebie! (Picture heavy!!!) 2013-2014

~Classroom Reveals~ are the thing to do, aren’t they? Well mine is here! Partially. I still have some kinks to work out, and some finishing touches to put on, but I did get a buttload done to…

Great idea of numbering your mailboxes without ruining them with stickers/labels! These just clip right on and off!

Great idea of numbering your mailboxes without ruining them with stickers/labels! These just clip right on and off!

I always salivate when looking at this teacher's classroom!! (Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: classroom pictures)

Classroom Progress 2012 - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

I am not quite ready for the big reveal yet, but I do have quite a few pictures of the progress I am making in my classroom! Just so you know I have no control over the color of the classroom walls, cabinets, or counter tops. My biggest hurdle is tying in the existing color […]

This is a great site! This picture in particular has two great things: crates (that are on wheels!) and dry erase dots on the table. Great way to let kids show and do their work. Maybe even put them on students' desks? What a great idea!

Classroom Reveal 2013

Alright folks. I finally decided I was ready to take pictures of my room today. Of course there are a million more things to be done but you know how that goes I'm sure. As a bonus, I'll give away an item of choice from my TPT store to the person who correctly guesses the number of flamingos in my classroom (hint-not all flamingos shown). My new "Best Work" signs for the hall display. This is one of our grade-level bulletin boards. The smaller stars each have a second grade student name on…

16 Decorating Ideas To Make A Cheerful And Fun Classroom 5

16 Decorating Ideas to Make A Cheerful and Fun Classroom

It would be great to have a classroom that can brighten up your students’ day every time they come to school. Such classroom usually induces students’ will of learning and gives off positive vibe during the learning process. That being the case, you should start decorating your classroom in an incredible way to brighten up the students’ school life as well as make all the onlookers in awe with the décor. For your preferences, we have prepared the following 16 awesome ideas to decorate your…

Love the green and black...organization - love the sectioning of the classroom!

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We're retiring Rate My Space, Rate My Remodel, Share My Craft and Share My Quilt from the HGTV website.

Classroom Couture...I like the bookshelf along the teachers desk w the lamp and picture frames:-)


Brain Based Learning in the 21st Century Classroom - Lots of great ideas!  Scroll down to this section.... Also BONUS: lots of cool desk setup ideas! Love these trapezoid tables!!!


Tonight's discussion will start out talking about the 4 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking. Q1: How do you encourage your students to communicate & collaborate in your...

15 apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning.

15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom - WeAreTeachers

Here are 15 of our favorite apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning.