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Want a neat herb garden? Plant in pots in the ground, like they did in this garden in France, courtesy of ‘Townmouse‘.

Воротник крючком.... Pretty collar,and not too difficult to crochet!

Квадратный мотив "Водоворот"

Faça esta Lindíssima colcha de crochê intercalando as cores! Maravilhosa! Veja o (9438)

Plant Morning Glory seeds in a hanging basket and they will grow down! . . Morning glory seeds are protected by a tough coat. Soak the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours before sowing or file away or nick off a small piece of the coat before planting. Sow seed 1/4 inch deep; they usually sprout in about a week.

Make Beautiful Log Garden Planter

Make Beautiful Log Garden Planter

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