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Could add pearl or crystal pins for a wedding!! How to Make a Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath DIY
Здравствуйте, дорогие жители Страны! Решила поделиться вот такими ангелами из шпагата. Делала по МК замечательной мастерицы Likmiass http://stranamasterov.ru/node/490455?c=favorite Я просто влюбилась в ангелов Людмилы. Делались они на День Татьяны. фото 2
Adorable pine cone elves.
DIY Pinecone Ornament | 27 Spectacularly Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments, see more at http://diyready.com/spectacularly-easy-diy-ornaments-for-your-christmas-tree
Caitlin, we could cut the bottom off wine bottles and put a tea light inside. Super cute!
Nine times tables for math journal Two different patterns. One is down and up. The other is from the middle (45 &54) and up and down but backwards.
A day in the life of this art teacher: Birds and Birch Trees
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