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Groovin' Sunset Shimmer by MoHawgo

Equestria Daily: Guest Editorial - A Pony Still Among Humans: Should Sunset Shimmer Return to Equestria or Stay Put at Canterlot High?

MLP EqG: Sunny Smirk by mewtwo-EX.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here's a cute vector of Sunset Shimmer from the upcoming Equestria Girls movie. (Camp Everfree) Please note: The colors are not official. Her shorts are.

Adagio Dazzler the Dazzling by TheShadowStone on deviantART

Adagio Dazzle leader of The Dazzlings from my little pony friendship is magic equestria girls rainbow rocks my little pony friendship is magic, equestria girls rainbow rocks, Adagio Dazzle

Pinkie Pie as Dazzlings by MixiePie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here Rainbow Dash: Here Applejack: Here Fluttershy: Here Pinkie Pie: Here Rarity: Here Sunset Shimmer: Here Credits go t.

Fluttershy - Friendship Through the Ages by MixiePie on DeviantArt

Twilight Sparkle: Here Rainbow Dash: Here Applejack: Here Fluttershy: Here Pinkie Pie: Here Rarity: Here Sunset Shimmer: H. Fluttershy - Friendship Through the Ages

Gloriosa Daisy - Legend of Everfree

"Welcome to Camp Everfree! I'm Gloriosa Daisy, your camp director!" This'll be my last Legend of Eve. Legend of Everfree: Gloriosa Daisy