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This is what I'm reminded of when a patient refuses to be counseled on their first inhaler

House: Are you using your inhaler? Patient: All the time. House: You sure you're using it right? Patient: Do I look like an idiot? House: No.Why don't you show me how your inhaler works? Hahah, House MD tv show quotes


Aziz Ansari and 50 Cent.don't let this be your child, teach them the difference between grapefruit and grape fruit.

Tavi Gevinson on Colbert Report //  Imgur

Tavi Gevinson on Colbert Report But if girls feel good about themselves, how are we going to sell them things they don't need?

Psychology of Music

The Psychology of Music Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out The Psychology of Music now!