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a blue wooden doll bed with teddy bears on the top and bunnies hanging from it's sides
Cama de muñecas
two children's beds made to look like they are in the same bed frame
NästanPerfekt - Docksängarna
two photos side by side one has a bed and the other has a night stand
IKEA-Puppenbett Duktig vorher/nachher
a pink wooden bed with hearts painted on the headboard and foot board, next to a zebra print wall
a white wooden bed with cherry pillows on the headboard and foot board, in front of a yellow wall
De poppenhoek #1: Make over Ikea poppenbed en slaapzak
a white doll bed next to a roll of toilet paper on a table with a pink and green polka dot pillow
How to Make a Mattress for Any Doll Bed