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a glass bead hanging from a metal hook on a counter top next to a pair of scissors
Icicle ornament in silver, white and clear beads.
a bunch of ornaments are hanging on the wall
a wind chime hanging from a chain with a green plant in the middle and a blue piece of wire attached to it
Scrollwork Propagation Station, Sun Catcher, Bud Vase, Hanging Plant, Deadhead decor, Gardeners gift, houseplant starter
"LET IT GROW️ Each is handmade from 8 gauge, Anodized Aluminum ... in a plethora of colors ~ with a 30mm, round \"disco ball\"crystal suncatcher for extra sunshine love! ...we include a 13pt bolt in your choice of color for a bit of lot love❤️ (silver,gold,blue or red) Approximately 24\"from top to bottom (including chain/lanyard) ... creating a sweet place to propagate or for a cut flower to show off! Each made by hand by my partner or myself ~ feel free to contact us for any requests! ... each is unique to the next, as they are all freeform & handmade ... but we do strive to make them as close as possible. plant clipping not included FREE Shipping!"
a piece of driftwood is hanging on the wall with green beads and other items
there are many glass bottles hanging on the wall with necklaces and charms in them
Mason Jar Tealights
someone is holding up some kind of necklace
Lesley Venable
FROM WHAT IS AT HAND - needlework, decor, design - ☼ JEWELRY WE DO IT OURSELVES 2 | OK.RU Jewellery Making, Soldering, Assemblage Jewelry, Upcycled Jewelry, Vintage Junk Journal, Fiber Jewelry, Fabric Jewelry, Fiber Art Jewelry Mixed Media, Textile Jewelry
ИЗ ТОГО, ЧТО ПОД РУКАМИ - рукоделие, декор, дизайн — ☼ УКРАШЕНИЯ ДЕЛАЕМ САМИ 2 | OK.RU
FROM WHAT IS AT HAND - needlework, decor, design - ☼ JEWELRY WE DO IT OURSELVES 2 | OK.RU