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lemons, rosemary and lavender are arranged in a pot with text overlay that reads lavender spring summer pot
Lavender Spring Simmer Pot Recipe
If you are conscious of avoiding unwanted chemicals in your home, but also want a home that smells nice, this lavender spring simmer pot recipe is a great way to make your home smell like spring acting as a natural air freshener.I have become a huge fan of this new springtime recipe. It is a simple way to keep me motivated during my spring cleaning. There is nothing more motivating than spring cleaning with the sweet smell of spring fresh air.
DIY with clay x spirited away inspired tic tac toe board
#tictactoeboard#diy#clay#softclay#softton#lufttrocknenderton#spiritedaway#anime#ghibli credit@sweetlifediy
the diagram shows how to draw an animal's body and head in three different ways
How to DIY Totoro soft toy: nice gift or souvenir
an image of a paper cut out of the shape of a cartoon character's head
How to Make a Totoro Plushie from felt
the green grass is cut and ready to be used as an art project for children's artwork
an image of paper crafting with scissors and tape to cut out the design for a bird
a jar filled with lots of black and white items on top of a pink table
a jar filled with pasta noodles sitting on top of a wooden table next to a green bush
TheMasonJarInc - Etsy
five masks are hanging on the wall with lights around them and one is wearing a mask
Studio ghibli dream catcher
two bracelets with black beads and multicolored beads on the end of each strand
Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Soot Sprites & Candy Stars Bracelet Set | Hot Topic
a bracelet with many charms on it that include an animal, mushroom and other items
Studio Ghibli loving bracelet Version 5 by tivibi on DeviantArt
four different bracelets with various designs on them
Studio Ghibli Bracelets - Shut Up And Take My Yen
a black headband with eyes and stars on it that says how to make your own soot sprites headband
How To Make Your Own Soot Sprites Headband
a blue police box with bookshelves and a tv inside it in a garage
Hello, I'm Sexy.
the tardist bookcase is blue and has books on it
Doctor Who Bookcase
🔥Beautiful Universal Sofa Cover
a glass jar filled with yellow and blue sticky notes on top of a wooden table
What caught my eye – favorites from the past month
a poem describing how to declutter your clothes
An Uncluttered Closet Begins With One Simple Step
four printable wall art pieces with the words be yourself, love yourself and respect yourself
a passport with the world map on it, and an information sheet to help students learn how
two pictures of the same couch made out of pallets
Corner seat