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a male anime character with horns on his head and chest, standing in the water
Rue tarukame (fallen angel form)
four different images of a person's hand with purple light
Purple fire
an anime character holding a water bottle in front of a pagoda with clouds behind him
-OC earth bender (Omashu) -16 y.o
an image of some people doing different things in the same direction on a gray background
Easy Paint Tool SAI
The new power for Donnie in this Au. #rottmnt #rottmntfanart #rottmntau #revitalizeau #rottmntdonnie #rottmntdonatello Powers, Cool Powers For Characters, Kinesis Powers, Tmnt, Super Powers, Elemental Magic
Revitalize - Donnie's New Power
The new power for Donnie in this Au. #rottmnt #rottmntfanart #rottmntau #revitalizeau #rottmntdonnie #rottmntdonatello
an avatar with the caption saying i live for these crossoverers
Klance is the type - 7u7
Klance is the type - Avatar - Wattpad
the animation shows how to use spincycles in various poses, including spinning and swinging
Mortal Kombat Koncept: Li Mei, Jack Meng Kirkman 孟奕余
White Fire!! Merlin, Fandoms Unite, Fire, Light, Secret Power, Fantasy, Scroll, Dreaming Of You
White Fire!!
two pictures of the same woman with white hair and green eyes, one in purple
Xalia Durin
two people in purple outfits are doing different moves
Mortal Kombat Koncept: Li Mei, Jack Meng Kirkman 孟奕余
a young man with black hair and tattoos on his arm holding a pole in front of him
an anime character is holding her hands up
Lumi, Nicolas Newlands
the character is dressed in an outfit with gold trimmings and a black hood
avatars from avatar the art of avatar, with different facial expressions and hair styles
New Avatar Design (Fan made)
New Avatar Design (Fan made) : TheLastAirbender
an anime character holding his hand up in the air with snow around him and clouds behind him
an anime character is flying through the air with his arms out and fire coming from behind him
a cartoon character holding a stick in the desert