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roll - a - robot printable number sense game for preschool and homeschool
Roll-a-Robot! Free printable math game
Learn how to play Roll-a-Robot! This free printable counting game for kids is so much fun and let's kids be creative while they work on math skills! Kids get to design their own robot based on what numbers they roll. Boost number sense, counting, fine motor skills, scissor skills, and more, all with one simple game! Play as a team or against each other for even more fun! Math for preschool and prek, even kindergarten! Great for homeschool or in the preschool classroom. STEM activity and STEM craft all in one. Math game!
the secret number activity bin for preschool to practice counting and using it as a game
Secret Number Sensory Bin!
Learn how to make a secret number sensory bin! This super simple sensory bin comes together in minutes and all you need is water and food coloring! Grab a cup and let your child become a detective that solves the mystery of the missing numbers. Work counting, number recognition, and number sense while boosting sensory language and motor skills. Perfect for preschool homeschool or the preschool classroom. Preschool, prek, toddlers, even kindergarten love this learning activity! Learn how to customize it for other themes too! Preschool number sense.
uno card number games for preschoolers to practice numbers
No Prep Uno Card Number Games
Get easy and fun, no-prep number games using Uno Cards! Grab a deck of Uno and help your child build number sense. Work counting skills and one to one recognition. Build into addition and subtraction. Create a matching game, sorting game, one more one less game. All in moments with no prep needed. Low mess too, just pick up the cards when done! Great for homeschool preschool or in the preschool classroom. Fun, easy, and already at home.
a wooden box filled with lots of colorful candy and the words how to make a number treasure hunt
Number Treasure Hunt for Toddlers!
Turn number sense into a treasure hunt! Learn how to make a number treasure hunt your child will adore. Use sensory rice and foil wrapped numbers to boost number sense, fine motor skills, and number recognition! Your child will love the adventure of digging out the numbers, you'll love how they build one to one recognition! Hands on math activity for toddlers, preschool, and PreK. STEM activity for homeschool preschool or in the preschool classroom.
Text: Printable Free Alphabet Practice ABC Worksheets
Picture: free printable worksheets with the alphabet on them, one page with whole alphabet, other pages with single letters on them in rows to practice Letters, Worksheets, Alphabet Worksheets, Learning Letters, Abc Worksheets, Numbers Preschool, Preschool Letters, Alphabet
Free Alphabet Worksheets
Get free alphabet worksheets! Print the whole alphabet for your child to practice tracing today. Perfect for preschool and preK, these letter printables are a great way to introduce the alphabet. Work fine motor skills and practice writing. Great for rewriting practice too, just trace the letters. These are a fun and free way to work on the abcs. Use these for homeschool or in the preschool classroom. Plus get more free printable activities for preschool and prek.
Text: 5 Proprioception Activities that will Wow Preschoolers
Top Picture: preschoolers waving their arms around
Bottom picture: PreK Students attempting to move their bodies around and stretching Proprioception Activities, Human Body Science, Preschool Stem, Lego Activities
Preschool Proprioception Activities
5 Proprioception Activities that will wow preschoolers! Challenge your preschool child to move their body in fun and easy ways that boosts their gross motor skills! These challenges will wow them with what their bodies can do and teach them about how their bodies send messages to their brains. Fun tricks you can do anywhere that will keep prek and preschool kids entertained and moving. Sensory play experiences that will boost motor skills and body awareness in space.
Text: Easy Homemade Confetti Poppers
Picture: DIY confetti popper made from a toilet paper roll and a balloon with homemade confetti How To Make Confetti, Confetti Poppers, Diy Confetti, How To Make Homemade, Fun Stuff, Homemade, Fun
DIY Confetti Poppers for Kids!
How to make homemade confetti poppers! These fun and easy confetti poppers use only two materials and they look so cute! Learn how to put these poppers together and how to make confetti (easy to clean up confetti)! Plus get the science of trajectory and cause and effect. Great for preschool, prek, and kindergarten. Personalize for any celebration too! Make these at home or in the preschool classroom for an instant party.
Text: Free Printable Game Roll-a-Robot
Picture: table with the printable game out. Child has completed their robot and colored it.
Roll-a-Robot Printable Number Game
Free printable Roll-a-Robot game! Get this fun and free game that boosts number sense, works counting skills, and more! Your child gets to choose all the parts of their robot and customize it as they build it. Play as a team or make it a competition to build a robot first. Work fine motor skills and scissor skills too! Preschool, PreK, and kindergarten love this game. Plus get access to a robot activity book your child will adore! Easy, fun, free preschool activity.
Text: Easy and Fun Plastic Bag Painting Process Art Activity
Picture: homemade watercolors made from plastic bags, markers, and water Kids, Art, Process Art, Simple, Hands, Beautiful, Mess
Simple Process Art Painting for Preschool
How to do the easiest process art activity for preschool ever! Learn all about plastic bag painting! This is so simple, you just need markers, plastic baggies, & water. Watch your kids explore watercolors without the mess of actual paints. Make beautiful designs, flowers, rainbows, whatever they want! Hands on learning by doing the art. (These can be used as homemade wrapping paper too!) At home or in the preschool classroom, this is a must do craft project! Prek Process Art!
Text: Homemade Wrapping Paper STEM Activity for preschool! Easy Science Craft that Doubles as a DIY Gift!
Picture: Waterless Water Color STEAM craft project Winter, Toddlers, Create, Super Simple
Homemade Wrapping Paper Preschool Craft
How to make homemade wrapping paper for preschool and preK! This super simple STEAM craft lets you paint without the mess of actual paints! Yes, create waterless watercolor art that is perfect to wrap up gifts. Learn the science behind how this experiment works and have fun with a process art activity that doubles as a gift! Super cute and personal, great for toddlers, preschool, and preK. Try this at home or in the preschool classroom!
Text: Super Simple Preschool Summer Art
Picture: black construction paper outside on rocks with sunscreen and paintbrush to complete the sunscreen art STEAM craft. Preschool Art Activities, Preschool Art Projects, Preschool Art
Preschool Summer Art! (Summer STEAM Activity)
The best simple preschool art project! Learn how to do the easiest art project that your preschool and preK child will adore. And it uses materials you already have! It also encourages kids to wear sunscreen by showing them how it works in real life. Get the science behind how this process art activity works too! This is a must do at home or in the preschool classroom. Hands on tactile learning through simple painting! Preschool art activity win!
Text: Free Printable Roll a Robot Game
Arrow pointed to top picture with work print: Close up of free printables for roll a robot game
Arrow pointed down with work play: math game in action with scissors, glue stick, crayons, and example of a built robot Teaching, Science Projects, Robot Game, Robot, Simple Math, Learning Activities
Free Printable Roll a Robot Game!
Get your free printable roll a robot game! This simple math game teaches so much and is full of fun. Work on number sense, counting skills, fine motor skills, and more. Play as a group or individually, this game builds teamwork, patience, and taking turns. Great for preschool, preK, and kindergarten. Do this at home or in the classroom. Hands on fun, this STEAM craft is a must do! Simple math games for preschool.
Text: perfect for preschool! Easy DIY Number Game Use recycled materials too! (black text on pink background)
Picture: Paper towel roll with numbers written on it, sheet of circle stickers with numbers written too. Some stickers already matched on the paper towel roll. Number Games, Number Games For Toddlers, Learning Games For Toddlers, Easy Learning Games, Fun Learning Games, Fun Games For Kids
Easy Number Game for Preschool!
Learn how to make the easiest number game ever from recycled materials. All you need is some stickers and a paper towel roll! Boost number recognition and number sense in your preschool or preK kid with this engaging activity. It works fine motor skills too! This is so simple, but so much fun for kids. Great for homeschool math or in the preschool classroom, this is a must do. Learn how to customize it to other topics (like letters and shapes!) as well. Make this today!
snow unit study with video, crafts, games, and printables for kids
Snow Unit Study -
This Snow Unit Study is All you need to learn about Snow with your students in a fun way with videos, crafts, games, printables, books and even recipes!