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definitely addresses the Standard for Mathematical Practice about critiquing arguments of others

Mathematical Mondays: Math Talk

To help children build their mathematical comprehension, we need to give them more opportunities to talk about math. My school system will be adopting "Go Math" this year, and they have built math talk right into their lessons. It is something that most teachers do naturally, but I think it is an area that we can become more conscious of, and try new ways to include it in our lessons. There is a great article called "Math Talk 101" on Scholastic. It shares ways to get started with math talk…

Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts

Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts (Kindergarten Chaos)

Do you love and use anchor charts as much as I do? Then you are going to love these 60+ Must Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts! Why anchor charts in Kindergarten? I use anchor charts almost every day a

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Search results for Opinion writing

Anchor Charts

My new obsession this year has been making and using anchor charts for my lessons. Here are just some of the anchor charts I have made this year. Some of these charts are original ideas but many are ideas I have seen and used from other teachers. I am not good at drawing so I use clipart from my computer to add pictures to my anchor charts. I print them out and glue them onto the chart! It’s so much easier and looks so much better than what I could draw! I also laminate my anchor charts so I…

Anchor chart: Answering Questions about the text.

Improving Written Comprehension and Responses! [+ 2 FREEBIES!] - Dianna Radcliff

This post is for ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTING TO INCREASE WRITTEN COMPREHENSION and RESPONSES!!! This post is full of ideas, suggestions and more to help improve student’s ability to compose text! Now, are you in NC like me? If so, everything below started from being involved in K-3 right here in NC. So this […]

Upper Elementary Snapshots: RACE to Respond to Reading

RACE to Respond to Reading

As upper grade teachers, one of our biggest challenges is getting students to write thorough and meaningful responses when answering questions about a text. Comprehension questions are meant to encourage students to think about and understand what they have read. We have all seen those responses from students that are answered in one (possibly incomplete) sentence, comprised of maybe five words or so. These lead us to wonder how much students are understanding and thinking about what they…

Text Dependent Question RACE Strategy

Text Evidence RACE Strategy

Teach your students a foolproof way to answer text-dependent questions and open-ended questions with the RACE strategy. *Restate, Answer, Cite, Extend.* Included in this download are posters with variations of the strategy: RACE and RACER (the second R for recap.) I have also included a graph...

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules

5 Content Marketing Tools To Drive Traffic and Sales

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules