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two silver bracelets are shown on a white background and one has a hook in the middle
Ring, sterling silver, 1mm wide, adjustable from size 7-11. Sold individually.
Stylish sterling silver ring makes a gentle spiral with overlapping ends into loops. Rings are a fun and affordable fashion statement. Customize with your favorite embellishments. Ideal for display counters and artisan fairs. Ring has an anti-tarnish coating.
instructions for how to make an ornament ring
Jewelry Making & Beading craft Wire
a woman's hand wearing a gold ring with a turquoise bead on it
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two pictures of rings with different shapes and sizes, one in gold and the other in blue
Wire Wrapped Stone Ring Tutorial
a green pair of scissors being held by a person's hand with a pink wall in the background
Jewelry Wire Wrapping Techniques for Pendant Bails
a hand holding three different rings with the words floating swaroski wire wrapped around them
Floating Wire Wrapped Swarovski Montee Ring Tutorial
two pictures show how to make an ornament out of wire and magnets
DIY // Beautiful Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring [How to]
wire the bead
a ring with a green stone in it on a white surface and the words jewels of a queen written below
an amethyst purple ring with silver wire wrapped around the band and square shaped stone
OOPS Square Amethyst Crystal Ring Purple Ring Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver Ring Cocktail Ring Statement Ring
"This is a beautifully faceted amethyst colored Swarovski Crystal bead that I wire wrapped with sterling silver. This crystal style is no longer being manufactured by Swarovski. I have a handful of them in this color but they are not perfect. This listing is discounted because the bead has some flaws here and there. It may have some small chips and/or scratches. Unless someone examines the bead closely and carefully it probably would not even be noticeable. The crystal ring shown measures abo
a ring with a heart on it sitting on top of a white table next to the words scroll ring with spinner bead
Craft ideas 1873
Scroll Ring with Spinner Bead