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a fence with flowers growing over it and the words in russian are written on them
an old wooden wagon sitting on top of a lush green field next to a barn
Nice old wagon
an outhouse in the middle of a field with pink flowers growing on it's side
Old time Out houses
a tire swing hanging from a tree in a field
a horse is walking across a bridge over a stream with a woman standing next to it
Beauty in Unexpected Places....
a wooden fence in the middle of a grassy field
Henry Domke Fine Art
Henry Domke Fine Art
some orange flowers are growing in the grass
A Place in the Country Rural, Rural Life
A Place in the Country
a horse grazes in the grass behind a wooden fence at sunset, with trees lining the path
Splendor in the South
Tennessee, Red Barn
Âme vagabonde
a bicycle parked on the side of a dirt road next to a lush green field
The Little Hermitage - simply-divine-creation: Abbie Melle
simply-divine-creation: “ Abbie Melle ”