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a lighted display case filled with plants and potted plants on top of wooden floors
Feeling very proud of my DIY greenhouse! I just “finished” it today, although I still need to get some nicer planters.
two pairs of scissors sit on top of a shelf in the corner of a room
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IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Guide - Jolovesplants
a display case filled with potted plants on top of a hard wood floor next to a lamp
a shelf filled with lots of potted plants
Finally joined the Ikea Cabinet Club! I'm so pleased with how this came out!
a room filled with lots of house plants
30 Chic IKEA Hacks You Have to Try For A Unique Home
several houseplants in glass cases on a checkered floor
The IKEA greenhouse cabinet is the ultimate IKEA hack for houseplant fans
a display case filled with lots of potted plants
IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet
I have linked my YouTube video on how I set up my Ikea Rudsta greenhouse cabinet! I have made a few modifications since then. I will update all of you through my instagram @iris_plants, YouTube channel and here!
a display case filled with lots of different types of potted plants in it's glass shelves
This is the Ultimate IKEA Hack for Plant Parents
a living room with a christmas tree in the corner
Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Mods
two pictures side by side one with plants inside and the other with glass shelves in it
IKEA Glass Shelf Terrariums
a glass case filled with lots of potted plants
5 IKEA Hacks We Loved So Much in 2023, We’re Bringing Them Into the New Year
a glass case with plants inside of it
Old Display Cabinet Into an Indoor Greenhouse
a bathroom with a glass shower door and tiled flooring in front of a potted plant
Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Mods
Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Mods – House Plant Journal