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This mystical shaman however is wise and altruistic. no he'll probably turn you into a turtle if you don't stop playing those loud tunes and trampling on his lawn.

Oh, Deadpool

Oh, Deadpool. I love how in the comic there's no reason for him to be wearing the dress, he just is all of the sudden and I love him for it.


So, you all remeber the heart breaking scene from 'Mewtwo Strikes Back'? Well, looks like the newest Pokemon movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction has decided to give a redo of said heartbreaking scene, but reversed.

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There’s nothing like a massive LEGO diorama to prove that you’ve arrived as a LEGO builder. The LEGO dioramas we feature here span everything from realistic medieval castles to scenes from World War II, and more than a few post-apocalyptic wastelands.

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Only stupid people join Team Rocket. Stealing Pokemon and casino rackets are wrong!