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Tereziána Kocián
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Kid Spaces, Prague

Scandinavian apartment with pops of yellow (Decordots)

Since it’s Monday and we all know that beginnings of the weeks tend to be tough, I got.

The handbags designers Building Block and the furniture makers Waka Waka designed a limited edition collection of custom-order leather bags for IKO IKO Los Angeles. The two collaborated to make the.

Building Block is a gorgeous soft leather bags brand based in Los Angeles, initiated in Tokyo by sisters Kimberly & Nancy Wu. Its focus moves freely in between luxury and industrial design where utilitarian materials and processes translate into minimalis

20+ Minimalist Living Room Ideas of Your Space

*I like the way it's okay to pair a small piece of dog art with a larger piece of feminine art*Hej hej! One of my favourite interior designers, Holly Marder , is doing up her house in Delft, Holland bit by bit and I'm glued to her blo.