tereza strapcova

tereza strapcova

tereza strapcova
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Dino Tomic uses ordinary table salt to create a drawing of the human eye, truly revealed once the colors are inverted.

Artist Dino Tomic creates detailed drawings using a material that’s a staple of any cupboard: table salt. Filling a plastic squirt bottle with the ubiquito

"Garden in the Dark" - Aster Hung {surreal illustration female back birds drawing} asterhung.com

She carried her garden in her bones. Sometimes, she could even swear she felt the blooming of velvet petals and the flutter of wings inside her ribs

artisafeeling: “ John Kenn Mortensen ”                                                                                                                                                      Mehr

This work is by John Kenn Mortensen. The intent of this work is to give a tangible representation of depression. The dark figure is behind the man, yet he dominates the whole of the piece. The lack of color helps convey to the viewer a sense o

psycho path

Contract These creepy sexy illustration were born from the mind of Lenka Šimečková, student of Illustration and Comics from Vimperk, Czech Republic. Her picturesque style is dark and unique, each i…