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black and white plates with polka dots on them are arranged in a gridded pattern
Buscando Inspiración para mi siguiente Sesión de Smash cake
Platos de cerámica artesanal
Difficulty: Medium Arcilla • Sellos • Esmalte para cerámica • Horno para cerámica
a white table topped with lots of dishes covered in flowered china cups and saucers
a white cup sitting on top of a table covered in sheets and cloths with hearts drawn on it
a blue and yellow flowered cup next to a branch of baby's breath
Curso de cerâmica, clique na foto e aprenda tudo do zero!
two planters sitting on top of a wooden table next to cactuses and flowers
INGADI - Home of the Happy Pot
🌈✨ Colors of Joy! Discover the symbolism behind different planter colors. What's your favorite hue? Comment below! #ColorfulPlants #INGADIColors