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a table that has some kind of design on it
Epoxy bullet table
a long table made out of wood with nails sticking out of the top and holes in the middle
Resin crafted table
Rustic table made from driftwood and bullet shells, encased in resin
an old poster with the words vintage garden victory on it and a woman holding a basket
sow the seeds of victory #garden
red, white and blue pinwheels in a burlock vase on a table
{one pretty pin} Patriotic paper rosettes - Chickabug
{one pretty pin} Patriotic paper rosettes
the process of making star shaped bowls is shown in four different pictures, including one being made from plastic cups
Chemical Wiki By Peter Shapiro
Gift Ideas for poor creative souls
a jar filled with red, white and blue sprinkles on top of a table
Memorial Day Craft - DIY Decor
Pour the rice in a glass bowl, dropped a few drops of food coloring right on the rice and mixed until well blended. Once blended, I poured into my jars by color. Add a tealight. Done!
three red, white and blue mason jars with flowers in them
American Flag Mason Jars - Maison de Pax
DIY American Flag Mason Jars
two red, white and blue vases with stars on them sitting on a table
Pringles Can Firecracker Tutorial!
Pringles Can Firecracker Tutorial
an illustration of a boy sitting on top of a red white and blue carton
an image of a woman holding a large ball and wearing a hat with stars on it
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Fourth of July
The Pledge of Alligence Quotes, God, July, Zitate, Favorite Quotes, First Nations, Words
The Pledge of Alligence
an old fashioned patriotic postcard with a boy holding the american flag in his arms
an arrangement of black and red food on a white plate with watermelon stars
Healthy Fourth of July treat!
the fourth of july printables package includes an american flag, stars and stripes
free 4th of july printables | 4TH OF JULY WEEK :: FREE PATRIOTIC PRINTABLES