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Arkeo Series
Watch both seasons, all 30 episodes, of the Arkeo Series on Heritage. Our version of a Netflix like subscription-video-on-demand platform, with over 100, and growing, archaeological, historical, and cultural heritage titles to to choose from! Available January 1, 2021.
two men standing next to each other in front of bookshelves and holding microphones
In this interview, conducted in May 2011, at the 2011 edition of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, Dr. Tom King answers questions about the ongoing search for aviatrix Amelia Earhart. http://archaeologychannel.org/video-main-menu/video-interviews/2260-continuing-search-for-amelia-earhart
two men standing in front of bookshelves talking to each other and holding microphones
The Maya Calendar and the End of the World
In this interview, conducted on May 12, 2012, by ALI’s Rick Pettigrew at the 2012 edition of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, Dr. Van Stone explains what is known about the Maya calendar and how Maya dates are calibrated with the calendar used in the modern world. http://www.archaeologychannel.org/video-main-menu/video-interviews/2251-the-maya-calendar-and-the-end-of-the-world
there are many lit candles in front of a stone building with lights on the rocks
Watch this gem from the TAC video library! http://www.archaeologychannel.org/video-main-menu/video-guide-main/video-guide-summary/181-besh-ba-gowah. To the Apache, it was BESH-BA-GOWAH. But to archaeologists, this ancient pueblo is a gold mine of information. 7 centuries ago a small city stood here: home to a people who developed a civilization long before the arrival of the Europeans. By the arrival of Columbus, they had faded into the fabric of time...
an old building built into the side of a mountain in wadih - eb, jordan
Check out this fascinating video from the TAC library here http://www.archaeologychannel.org/video-main-menu/video-guide-main/video-guide-summary/261-jordan-a-historical-review Jordan: A Historical Review tells the story of a unique cultural past reflecting connections to African, Asian and European traditions. Located in the cradle of Old World civilization, Jordan and its many remarkably well preserved cities and monuments illustrate the roots of the modern world.
the ruins of an ancient city are covered in rocks and dirt, with a stone arch at the top
Check out our archived video "Deep Time at Tall Hisban." Tall Hisban is the longest continuously excavated archaeological site in Jordan. This film presents two intertwined stories: the story of the comings and goings of many empires over the past three millennia and the story of how the local population has survived under this long series of power shifts: http://bit.ly/1tW1ef7
a large wooden boat sitting under a tent
Strata: Portraits of Humanity, October 2014
The preview for the SERIES PREMIERE of Strata:Portraits of Humanity is now available! Share with friends and be sure to tune in Oct. 15th to watch the full episode!
the inside of a large building with columns and arches
In November 2010, Video News host Rick Pettigrew visited Italy for the Borsa tourism trade show. When he returned, he filed this video report on places he visited. Among the sites that he saw and described in Rome were the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, the Forum and the Pantheon. Take a tour of Italy: http://bit.ly/1uz5B1u
the word stop written in dirt with water coming out of its center and on it's side
Our all new show, Strata: Portraits of Humanity launches October 15th! This monthly half-hour video magazine will explore stories from the world of cultural heritage!
some people are standing in front of a hut and one person is wearing a headdress
The indigenous Austronesian people of Taiwan are a disadvantaged group, with high unemployment and substandard education. Now they are expressing increased ethnic pride, reviving traditional cultural practices and preserving their languages. Watch this amazing video as leaders of a small indigenous village in 2010 invite anthropologists from the National Taiwan University to promote tourism and help them preserve their fading culture: http://bit.ly/1kjSLAD
an image of the tajweedl mosque with clouds in the sky above it
This week's streaming video from TAC is "Timeless India" a film about India and its timeless history. Check it out here: http://archaeologychannel.org/video-guide/video-guide-menu/video-guide-summary/145-timeless-india
men in orange and yellow robes are walking down the street with mountains in the background
This week's featured video from The Archaeology Channel is "SunHorse"! Telling the story of a Buddhist monastery in Nepal that was recently outfitted with solar power in conjunction with an annual masked festival. Check out this great video here: http://archaeologychannel.org/video-guide/video-guide-menu/video-guide-summary/157-sunhorse
the logo for china cultural heritage protection organization chp, which is also in english and chinese
Here is this week's streaming video from TAC: "Soul's Paradise: The Congjiang". This film focuses on ethnic minority groups in Congjiang, a beautiful place in southeastern China. These ethnic minorities are poor and have a rich cultural heritage that is being threatened by modern influences. To watch click here: http://www.archaeologychannel.org/video-guide/video-guide-menu/video-guide-summary/159-the-souls-paradise-congjiang
the movie poster for secrets of the valley, which features two women standing in front of a campfire
Check out this great video from the TAC archives. Join the Cultural Resource Analysts Team as they excavate a history-rich site near the Marmet Locks and introduce us to the first inhabitants of the Valley from the hunting-gathering clans of the Paleo-Indians to the Archaic people, the Woodland Mound Builders, and the Late Prehistoric farmers. Click here: http://www.archaeologychannel.org/video-guide/video-guide-menu/video-guide-summary/1260-secrets-of-the-valley-prehistory-of-the-kanawha
a bronze statue is standing in front of a blue background and has her arms behind her back
Saving the Indus Valley: Gujarat, India
Watch this interesting video on TAC: Saving the Indus Valley: Gujarat, India. The remarkable Indus Civilization of India and Pakistan was contemporaneous with other early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Iran and influenced later cultures, including modern India. Find out more by watching this fascinating film available on TAC: http://archaeologychannel.org/video-guide/video-guide-menu/video-guide-summary/101-saving-the-indus-valley-gujarat-india#