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.....Yea I got nothin'....... Edit: Welp I guess this is Velma...... V

Ilustrador brasileiro dá toque realista a personagens d’A Caverna do Dragão - Mega Curioso

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I keep thinking about the Mystery Incorporated finale… my mystery children saved the world I’m so proud :’)

Isaiah Stephens Art and Illustration: Photo

INFJ 😊 All artwork by me, Isaiah K Stephens! It's my dream to make a living writing books and drawing characters! This is my art blog! For the most part, I only post my own art. ocassionally, I'll post a funny gif or video :p I draw both Fanart and OC's!...

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“i tried to combine todays and yesterdays #sketch_dailies hmmm @Sketch_Dailies”

Eyes wide open : Photo

Eyes wide open: Photo

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Rebirth Continues to Loom Large in DC Comics' November 2016 Solicits

Rebirth Continues to Loom Large in DC Comics' November 2016 Solicits

"Mother Panic" arrives in Gotham City, Robin meets Superboy, "New Talent Showcase" returns and more!