Tipografia floral

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

Typography + Fonts // I like this image because the background image relates to the text. There is no confusion that can possibly happen, it is also very beautiful with the small hints of color.

Kristína Baňasová on Behance

Made You Look👁 self promotional project aswell as a personal challenge where I aim to design a poster a day throughout subject is totally random and the only rule is that it can't take longer than 17 minutes to complete.

De tekst heeft de zelfde kleur Ik heb hem gekozen door de opvallende kleuren

This spaced out, small sans serif font in capital letters works well on top of colour and image.

FST by Krzysztof Iwanski

Beautiful Poster Designs

Festiwal Szkol Teatralnych (FST) poster design - 2015 - from 30 Beautifully Designed Posters


This piece represents color because of the use of complementary colors and the colors are used to create a calming effect. The color is also used to create a symmetrical composition and local colors are also used.

Aamazing <3

this is a different type of image they are using different types values with colors which flow within the composition, it gives it that sense of pop in it.

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blend tool is funny

The use of a warm and a cool colour and in addition, the use of a range of saturation and different tones helps avoid the image becoming too vibrant. Also note how the deeper blue is aligned with the lighter red, giving a soothing effect.

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Design Inspiration // Dividido I love the abstract design to this but also how it looks like a classic picture with a modern abstract twist.