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there is a pile of stuffed cabbages on the plate with text overlay that reads, hollibasi ukraine stuffed cabbage
Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage (Holubtsi)
This Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage dish is called Holubtsi. Tender cabbage rolls are stuffed with seasoned ground beef or pork, rice, and onions. Holubtsi is served with sour cream. #urkainianstuffedcabbage #holubtsi #stuffedcabbage #cabbagerolls #hidaskitchenblog
two bowls filled with granola and fruit on top of a white table cloth next to sliced figs
My Ultimate Guide to Making Granola At Home | Collective Gen
a white bowl filled with oatmeal on top of a pink napkin
My Grandmother's Coconut Red Lentil Dahl Recipe | Collective Gen