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colorful streamers are hanging from the top of a pole in front of some trees
Wheel Scarecrow?
a stone lantern sitting on top of a wooden bench next to some rocks and plants
a blue candle holder sitting on top of a dirt ground
how to build a diy plant pot into a beautiful water fountain for your garden
40 Great Water Fountain Designs For Home Landscape 2022
there is a stone sculpture with buttons on it in front of a fence and flowers
20+ Bee Friendly Ideas for the Garden » Homemade Heather
several white and black planters with plants in them on the ground near some grass
Beautiful garden decor ideas | Plant hanging ideas | Gardening
there are many lights that are on the fence
The Upcycled Garden Volume 9 - Creative Garden Ideas - May 2018
a wire basket with flowers hanging on the side of a house
15 Fun Repurposed Rake Projects