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an old drawing of different types of furniture
"rozeta" - lamus dworski
a piece of wood that is sitting on top of a wooden bench with a planer
Bracelets, Jewellery, Leather, Accessories, Belts, Jewelry, Belt, Leather Bracelet
Zobrazenie témy - Vyrezávanie z dreva
an old coffee cup is sitting on a white surface with the handle extended to it's side
Ritka faragott fa ivócsnak, gyűjteményes állapotban. Szélessége: 12 cm Magassága: 6.7 cm Átmérője: 7 cm
an old wooden spinning wheel next to a piece of wood on a white tablecloth
Svorový črpák trojlístok / RudolfJ - SAShE.sk
a wooden bear figurine sitting on top of a table next to a bowl
an old wooden cup with a man on it
Neznámy autor – Črpák
an old wooden jug sitting on top of a table
Art & Antiques from Big Bend, the Estate of George "Frolic" Weymouth