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Do you know how to prune basil?
Pruning your basil plant promotes bushier growth, prevents legginess, and increases overall productivity. By trimming back stems regularly, you stimulate branching, leading to more leaves for harvesting. Pruning also helps maintain plant shape, improves air circulation, and reduces the risk of diseases. Enjoy a thriving basil plant with regular pruning! 🌿✂️ Check our link to learn more! Video by: rootop2table w/ Derek Vincent
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How to Prune Lilac Bushes Like a Pro
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12 Groups of Companion Plants to Make Your Vegetable Garden Thrive
Propagar Suculentas 🌱
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Edible Oasis - Napa, CA - The Backyard Farm Company
Garden Ideas
There's nothing quite like enjoying a moment in the garden, it couldn't be more refreshing! Inspiration, Decoration, Beautiful, Amazing, Tree, Diys, Garten Ideen
Time to invite Spring into your new gardening lifestyle and let Vego Garden help!
Feeling the magic in the air as the spring comes and the temperature starts to rise! So a lovely reminder of how beautiful season changes can indeed be!
Planting trees without digging massive holes in your yard
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What is Modern Farmhouse Design? And How to Get the Look