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a yellow and white flower is on the embroidery
Neutral earthy florals in a 5” hoop, on pale peach cotton
a close up of a embroidery on a wooden surface with a lamp in the background
someone is holding up a cross - stitch pattern with mushrooms on it in front of a door
Broderie forêt de champignons
an embroidered hoop with a hot air balloon in the middle and stars around it, on top of a wooden surface
Latest Handknitted Cross stitch Embroidery Patterns & Designs
some flowers are laying on a piece of paper next to a sewing needle and thread
Maravilloso Curso Gratis De Bordado En Cinta Para Principiantes Paso A 838
a close up of a embroidery with a butterfly on it
embroidered flowers on white linen with green stems and blue, yellow, pink, purple
Творческая мастерская "Укроп" — травы, травы, травы...во всём многообразии | OK.RU
three embroidered hoops with flowers and bugs on them next to orange daisies in the foreground
My little bug trio. I'm obsessed with embroidering bugs right now!