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One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill Quote about life and love

Teen Wolf Finale 6x20 - “You failed them. You failed everyone. Especially her. Especially Allison.”

It must have been relly hard for Scott to handle this.At first he couldn't keep his eyes closed but he got through it.It was just an amazing scene,love it so much.

Stiles calls scott and lydia in stiles' Jeep

teen wolf, stydia, and lydia afbeelding

parece q temos Stydia no ar.

Teen Wolf 4x10 Liam and Scott

Liam and Scott ~ Teen Wolf

Oh stiles :). Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf


Scallison was everything

Awwww that's so cute❤️ my favorite part of the season

Teen Wolf - Scallison, beautiful until the end.

One of the million best Peter Hale Moments <3

Imagen de teen wolf, derek hale, and peter hale

I cried so damn hard at this part, and for like the rest of the episode.. And another maybe 10 minutes. Such a sad part

Teen Wolf - Aiden and Ethan. This part made me so sad;